Better sound in under a minute with the CD Sound Improver

 CD Sound Improver

Are you calling a perfect high-end audio setup your own? Can't you get rid of the feeling that this piece of silver could sound much better when you insert the disc in your expensive player?  

Your feeling is definitely right! In the end of the day stray light affects the laser tracking and is to blame for not allowing a CD to reveal its full sound potential. Experiments coloring the CD edge with black or green felt-tip did not bring satisfying results. Only a couple of years ago, after endless test series, biochemist Dr. Erich Schrott and engineer Wolfgang Schneider achieved a significant breakthrough by finding an intriguingly efficient method: The outer edge of the CD has to be chamfered carefully with a defined 36° angle, so that stray light can peter out. The additional blacking of the CD edge absorbs the remaining straying laser light.      

On the basis of these groundbreaking research results, Audiodesksysteme has developed the CD Sound Improver. The CD Sound Improver optimizes the sound of your CDs in a few minutes only – lasting and clearly audible!

The specialized press and thousands of users around the world don't want to miss the amazing effect of this sound tuning anymore. Especially in the USA and in Japan the CD Sound Improver is a huge success.

Tuning with the CD Sound Improver perfects the true running of music CDs, data CDs, DVDs and SACDs. The reduction of light scatter makes previously unreadable data CDs accessible once again whilst improving the data rate. DVD films generally impress via sharper images.