What does the CD Sound Improver do?

The tuning of a CD with the CD Sound Improver is incredibly easy and takes barely a minute. The tungsten carbide blade is automatically set at the right angle by the manufacturer. A test CD is included in the delivery package. All CDs are beveled under exactly the same conditions. The shavings produced in the beveling process are removed via the vacuum cleaner link. The speed regulator allows for the coloring of the CD edges slowly and carefully in the machine itself. The sensitive CD coating is not touched.

Perfected high-end technology

The CD Sound Improver couples its unique functionality with equally functional high-end design. Produced with high-quality, enduring components, each unit is hand-assembled and tested. The diamond-ground tungsten carbide blade can process hundreds CDs then be simply replaced.

Further advantages for music, film and data files

Tuning with the CD Sound Improver perfects the true running of music CDs, data CDs, DVDs and SACDs. The vibration of the CD player's drive is reduced drastically. The reduction of light scatter makes previously unreadable data CDs accessible once again whilst improving the data rate. DVD-films will impress you by showing sharper picture images.


CD Sound Improver